Ricky Zen Lazenko

Conservationist, Journalist, Photographer, Videographer, Artist:

Ricky Zen’s In Living Focus “The fine art of conservation”.

Ricky’s mission is to share environment awareness through his creative media/art inspiration & to support environmental protection of every living being.

A sustainable percent of all sales of Ricky’s Art & Photography go to Animal Rehab Centers, habit restoration & other positive forms of Conservation.

Ricky will be presenting his conservation adventure videos, art, music, at fundraisers, fairs & festivals. He will be donating special pieces to Hospitals & Children Projects around the country. Rick is now currently producing a set of songs and a music recordings to share at set events as he travels. If you believe that life is better “In Living Focus”.

Please share your thoughts and encouragement. Together we can make a difference one life “IN LIVING FOCUS” at a time!

*Ricky Zen the Musician, Comedian, Actor & Stage Entertainer:

Ricky has has over twenty years experience performing from US destinations like Hawaii to the the popular Las Vegas Show “Legends in Concert”.

Ricky was has been booked over seas to beautiful destinations such as Aukland, Rotorua & Wellington New Zealand then on to Twin Towns, Jupiter Casino on the sterling Gold Coast of Australia.

Ricky’s international performances have lead him out of the comfort of the U.S.A to exotic South East Asia Countries like Bali Indonesia, Singapore & Thailand.

Ricky is now setting sail to the emerald coast of Puerto Vallarta Mexico… a land of music, laugher, smile & interracial tourism so Ricky’s experience performing for large international multi-cultured audiences will shine in PV.