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Live Music Crystal River Florida

Join me & friends @ KC Wine & Koffee Bar.   February 17th from 6pm to 10pm



Ricky Zen Live

“Genuine interaction is the key to entertainment!” Ricky Zen”

Jody Sparks

Amazing energy and charisma!

David Smith Doe

I loved your Las Vegas show… I closed my eyes and heard Elvis!

Janet Chavez Doe

My Love Afair with Mother Nature:

“Nature is the heart and soul of my musical inspiration!” Ricky Zen”

Laura Dreams


Upcoming Live Events

KC WIne&


564 N. Citrus Ave,  

Crystal River, Florida  

Ricky ZeN’s Rick N’ Roll Show   

January 21st  from 6pm – 9pm








Zen Live in the Villages:

“Join me on and off stage to celebrate the gift of Music!” Ricky Zen”

Laura Dreams

The Villages Florida Driveway Concert

Driveway Concert Hosts: Marcy & Don


I’m in love with Ricky !

Jane Smith

So many voices in one amazing person!

Janet Trudy

From Las Vegas to Thailand...

The stage is an amazing place to express ones  gift of life! 

International Thai Tour

Join me on my international music tour.

Wildlife Conservationist

From an early age I have been an animal lover, protector and conservationist.      17year old me @the#wildlifewaystation

My Pixilated Pot of Gold!

Dedicated to My Guardian Angel Patti who has been a beautiful part of my life, my inspiration, my musical journey & my songwriting…Fly High Sweet Angel!

I am so

Passionate to support

Live Aid Concerts

including my Art & Photography: 

Live Aid Auctions                                 Image from: 

Wyland’s Irma Live Aid Featuring

Wyland’s & Ricky Zen’s Art & Photography  


Be enlightened & help inspire conservation connection. *Wyland Hurricane Charity Event

Nature’s Inspiration

“The incredible beauty of Mother Nature inspires me to live life to the fullest to share God’s gifts of creation through my eyes. my heart & my voice.”

- Ricky Zen

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Upcoming Live Events

Ricky ZeN’s Rick N’ Roll Show 

Jan 21st
6pm – 9pm









March 3

Ricky’s Birthday Party

Mar 12

Elk’s Club Parade

Apr 18

Sarasota, Fla

July 15

The Villages

Aug 10

The Villages, Fla

Sep 12

Private Event

Oct 28

Orlando, Fla

Nov 15

Miami, FL

Dec 21

Arenal, Costa Rica


Crystal River, Florida


1+(800) See My YouTube


Live Music

Contact here for Bookings

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