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"Book Ricky Zen's CAPTAIN JACKED Show today!"

Captain Jacked Sparrow 

Doppelgänger Ricky Zen’s Halloween Party

Janet White

I fell over laughing!

Stephen Jones

WOW! Even Disney doesn’t have a Jack like Ricky.

Debbie Boon

Book Captain Jack


Ahoy, Mates! If you’re seeking the most captivating show to light up the seven seas of entertainment, look no further. Book Ricky Zen’s Captain Jack Sparrow Show, and together, we’ll chart a course for unforgettable performances.

Ricky Zen, be presentin’ a rollickin’ show, teemin’ with interactive merriment and boundless energy. It’ll set yer venue ablaze and plaster grins on every visage.

Ricky can wield the Pirate ukulele on deck an roam through the crowd, spoutin’ improv tales and dishin’ out hearty humor to young and old alike. 

His off-the-cuff antics be sure to leave all in stitches all the while Ricky’s deep connection with the audience be makin’ your evenin’ an unforgettable tale told far and wide.”

Aye, Ricky Zen be ashore in the Villages, carin’ for his beloved 83-year-old mum. But have no fear, me hearties, for there be ample time to secure Ricky’s talents for a Halloween to be etched in memory, leavin’ yeh audience clamorin’ for more in the year 2023… Savvy?

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